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Bor Mesin Pertambangan
Portable Core Drilling
Drilling Capacity : 50 meter
Core Size : NQ
Drill Rod : AW Rods 1.5 mtr
Engine Power : Yanmar TF-185R, Made in Japan, water cooled, Diesel engine, 1 cylnder, electric starting
Hydraulic Pump : Variable speed,  2 stage
Skid Base and Mast : Skid base  with mast single statospic, Cylinder Hydraulic
Gearbox : 1:2 Gear
Motor Hyd Gear Box : Inluding
Water swivel : Bronze with adjustable nut
Control Valve : for feeding, rotation, winch hoisting rods and wireline
Hoisting Winch : Motor Hyd, Hoisting cable 1/2 inch; w/ hoisting plug
Flow Control Valve : Multi function
Brake / Balance Catridge Valve : brake balance catridge valve
Pressure Gauge : Feeding and rotation
Tank Hydraulic : inluded with 2 filters
Oil Cooler : Including Oil cooler 100
Hydraulic hose with fitting : for hydraulic system complete
Down Hole Equipment : Including

Mesin bor Wire line Jacro JT-175, wire line system, penggerak Daisung 23 PK electric starting,
main pump hyd 40/16cc marchozi, Wire line with motor Eaton S-series, Winch with motor Eaton Vickers 2000 sereis,
equiped by sling 12 mm, gear box 1:1 with motor Eaton Vickers 2000 series,   hand valve 6 stick for rotation,
up and down, mast up and down, wire line, winch, safety clamps and sliding gear box

Pump Bor SC-120 with Dongfeng 13 PK
Pump Supply SC-45 with Dongfeng 8 PK
NQ Drill rod 3,0 mtr, 33 unit
NQ Drill rod 1,5 mtr  3unit
NQ-3 Core barrel assy 1,5 mtr
NQ Overshot
NQ-3 Diamond bit
Hoisting plug
NQ Reamer shell Diamond
NQ-3 Corelifter case
NQ Landing ring
NQ Stabilizer
Head NQ to BW
Kunci permali
Kunci pipa 36 inch
Kunci pipa 24 inch
Obeng (+ , - )
Kunci pas ring
Kunci inggris
Kunci L 1set
Gergaji besi 1set
Palu / Hammer
Selang PE 3/4 inch x 200 mtr
Casing shoe NW TC

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